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Guatemala, where 45% of children under the age of five suffer from malnutrition and only 40% finish grade 6, they are further challenged by one of the highest crime rates in Central America and non-functioning medical and education systems. There is no social safety net.

Living in Jocotenango, where violence, alcoholism, drug addiction and endemic poverty are too prevalent, the lives of these kids are severely impacted. In 2015 Give Kids A Chance along with a partner donor in the U.S.A., Just World International, funded the building of a new school for Los Patojos -  a school that has made education accessible to Guatemala's challenged communities. 


During the last 14 years Los Patojos has developed a unique, holistic approach to educating hundreds of children each year. The program addresses each child’s nutritional, medical, and educational needs, along with introducing dance, photography, theatre, music, sports, and fine arts, allowing them to explore their passion. The school is a community, restoring their dignity, giving them the self-confidence to pursue their goals and achieve success in their lives. Creating brighter futures for each child and their communities.

Each item on this page is 25% off the price noted.

100% of the sale price will be donated to Give Kids a Chance in Guatemala.

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