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Project Patojismo

The founder of PATOJISMO, Juan Pablo Romero Fuente, was a teacher with a vision for educating the youth of his town, Jocotenango. This vision went far beyond Guatemala's requirements. It included the arts, technology, sports, critical thinking, service and more. From the early beginnings when Juan provided free after school programs in the arts and music and tutoring in his father's garage. Today their achievements are almost too many to mention. But we'll try and highlight some


Senior students will receive workshops on the food industry, community tourism, customer service, public relations, mixology, barista, public speaking techniques, ethics, morals, law, financial education and English. They will be trained to apply what they have learned to access employment opportunities when they finish their education.


Sports & Recreation

Understanding that movement and good physical conditioning are integral to health and well being, we have introduced to our educational processes a diverse sports program. Some of the most popular sports that are taught to our kids are: boxing, soccer, athletics, physical conditioning, juggling, biking, running and swimming. As part of our recreational program we are practising chess and scrabble.



Students will have access to computing and programming classes, will learn technological tools, social network functions and design and edition softwares that allow them to have basic knowledge, so that they can then develop the skills which will be very important to seeking valuable employment.



Art for El Patojismo is a pedagogical tool that dignifies, liberates and motivates the soul. The arts allow us to transform emotions and feelings through creativity, lines, colors, sounds, movements, letters and sensitivity. Projects such as music, marimba, photography, graphic arts, theater, dance, kite making, singing, rap, break dancing, drawing, muralism, are ways of expression and creation in our community. The students thrive on their new found creativity.



From 2006 until 2014, El Patojismo has been creating change in the lives of our students through the arts, sports, circles of trust and critical thinking techniques. Each aspect of our dynamic program helps our students to become confident and contributing members of their community. They learn they too can change their future. In 2015 “El Ministerio de Educación de Guatemala” granted us official recognition as an educational institution, ensuring that our students obtain access to an official curriculum along with the El Patojismo strategies.

More than 367 students are now part of our project. 


More than 600 meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner) are served on a daily basis to the students, to our different teams and to all the participants. We make sure that everyone has access to a healthy, nutritious and decent meal.


Our philosophy is based on human, technical, and academic development processes. The human part focuses on the development of critical and analytical thinking, recognition of the social reality of the country, conflict resolution, responsibility, good interpersonal relationships, proactivity, and service. Art, music, and sports allow the kids to connect with their own and collective identities. In the technical and academic part, the students are educated so that they can become bilingual, learn technological tools, understand sciences, and develop good public relations.

Our Youth Platform

This is a legacy of El Patojismo. A powerful group of young people who grew up in our project, who now directly promote the philosophy of “Dreams and Ideas in Action”. They have learned the importance of serving people, and they understand their social surroundings, their goal is to transform the community and make a better place for all the people. They never hesitate to serve, whether delivering food to those in need during Covid 19 or helping in construction. Dignity, love and solidarity are the elements of their constant work. The Batz Colectivo is our hope of keeping the cause alive and respecting the essence of the project: “serve before being served”



Once the right to food is guaranteed, we ensure that not only the students, but also their families and the community remain healthy, strong (physically and emotionally) through our medical care program offered by Dr. Héctor Valle, our hero who has saved hundreds of lives. This is a JustWorld International project, a vital one for the whole community.


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